Puffin.io vs VWO

What is the difference between Puffin.io and VWO? Below is a list on how Puffin.io and VWO compare. Price, belief, areas of focus are the items compared. Think about your own requirements and take that into consideration when evaluating. This will ensure your decision is aligned with your goals. 

How much is A/B testing software: Puffin.io vs VWO 

  • Puffin.io offers free accounts and pricing starts at $49 a month, $590 annually. 
  • VWO does not offer free accounts. And starts at a forced $199 / month plan. Which is $2,388 annually.  

Companies are conscious of unneeded costs. For example, in 2008 the economy took a hit. The same is happening in 2020 and 2021. To keep expenses low and gain access to A/B testing, Puffin.io provides A/B testing on your website for $49 / a month. Or try Puffin.io completely free. With VWO you must pay $199 / month or you cannot launch an A/B test. If you want to spend more money for A/B testing on your website, sign up with VWO. If you want to spend less money for quick and fast A/B testing on your website, Puffin.io is a solution to consider. 

What do A/B testing companies believe in: Puffin.io vs VWO 

  • Puffin.io believes speed wins. Puffin.io wants to make you faster. Puffin.io believes that software should be useful and cost little. Puffin.io believes a product should have less – not more. 
  • VWO doesn’t state what they believe in. They did state on their website “The VWO Experience Optimization Platform improves key business metrics by empowering you to easily discover insights, test ideas, and improve engagement – across the entire customer journey.” 

Depending on your business requirements, saving time and money might not be important to you. For example, your company might not have requirements to be efficient with their spending. And your company might not believe in the idea of investing in software that saves you time. Your company might be inspired by the idea of investing in bloated, expensive convoluted software that takes weeks worth of training. Nothing is wrong with this, companies do this all the time. If those are your requirements VWO is something to consider. If your company requirements are hyper focused on price, time efficiency, speed and immediate utility – then Puffin.io is something to consider. 

What do A/B testing software companies focus on: Puffin.io vs VWO 

  • Puffin.io only offers A/B testing for websites. Nothing else. Puffin.io is not the swiss army knife, it’s a samurai sword. 
  • VWO offers a wide variety of software solutions: Heatmaps, on page surveys, session recordings, web push notifications, cart abandonment campaigns, and much more.

Double check your business requirements. If you are floundering and don’t have acute business requirements VWO is something to consider. For example, VWO is solving anything and everything. And that isn’t specific. If your business requirements are hyper focused and require website A/B testing – Puffin.io is something to consider. Other companies will promise to solve all things. And they are promising the dream. Puffin.io can only offer one thing – not the promise of a dream – just a dose of reality. 

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