Puffin.io Review

Puffin.io Review

Puffin.io makes A/B testing software for your website.

Our approach – Simple, fast, affordable A/B testing software will increase your speed of iteration. And increasing the speed of iteration is essential to your success.

We made Puffin.io simple. No training is required. So simple you can launch an A/B test today. Puffin.io is designed for speed. Zero bloat software development. Not more. Less. No budget request is required. Puffin.io is reasonably priced. You can hire an extra engineer from the money we save you.

You are part of a growth team

You love analytics and are excited about A/B testing. You are constantly measuring all of your essential business metrics. You want to increase leads, conversions, reduce funnel drop off, improve onboarding, increase activation, improve your purchase funnel, and more.

You want a fast executing A/B testing tool. Not impressed by complex bloated software that requires an outrageous budget. You have an A/B testing idea, and want to launch it today. You want an A/B testing tool that makes you fast, not slow. No training, just more A/B tests launched.

You own the funnel

Puffin.io is designed specifically with funnel metrics for each A/B tests. For example, you get data for best converting recipes and recipes pushing more visitors down funnel. You get clarity on where your visitors are dropping off and how to better A/B test to reduce drop off points.

You own landing page optimization

Puffin.io specializes in landing page optimization. The speed to relevance makes your landing pages convert. You own performance marketing. You have a budget. You are tasked with converting at a lower cost. You are a champion for relevance. Challenged by what converts. You know small tweaks to your landing page are the difference between failure and achieving a profitable return on advertising spend. The faster you get there, the better. Puffin.io is designed for your team to execute fast iterative landing page tests. Designed to increase the relevance of your landing pages and increase conversions. Start A/B testing headlines, value propositions, call to actions, hero images or radical redesigns. Puffin.io has been created to make your landing pages convert better today.

Puffin.io has removed all the clutter. What’s left? Pure productivity you could never imagine. Puffin.io is free for 30 days. If you are not 100% happy we will offer a full refund.

Download the PDF here: Puffin.io Review

From the Puffin.io team.
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