A/B Testing for Mobile

Mobile is so hot right now. So hot, the world is ending and it’s because everyone is on their cell phone. Will the universe survive? Probably not. If we happen to make it, below are 5 tips to help your end users convert better on mobile devices. 

Dogfooding when A/B testing for mobile

Wondering why your conversion rate is low? About 50% of your traffic is from mobile devices and you never checked. For example, have you viewed your website on your phone: Nope. I know you haven’t. And this is the reason why your business is either suffering or leaving money on the table. Start using your website (all the time) on your mobile devices. It doesn’t take long to come up with A/B testing ideas. Avoid hot fixes, A/B test and really understand how mobile users respond to your enhancements. Then double down on what works. 

A/B testing for mobile means no clicks, taps 

Too cool to run a button A/B test? Button A/B testing is more important than ever for mobile devices. For example, no one is clicking anymore and it’s time to think in “taps”. Finger taps are doing the clicking and with various design patterns claiming what a button should look like, your visitors are confused. Start A/B testing mobile buttons and give your visitors clarity where they need to tap. Or don’t. Just ignore all your mobile visitors. Who cares right? 

A/B testing for  mobile information hierarchy   

Responsive designs are good for mobile traffic. And we will talk more about this in a moment. Responsive designs support desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Keeping the same content intact (as you would expect) and conforms to the device you are on. For example, because you never spent 5 minutes with your designer, you have no idea what breakpoints are. A/B test different breakpoints to get clarity on the right information hierarchy. And discover just how easy it is to inspire designers, and increase your conversions. Or ignore breakpoints all together it’s probably a bad A/B testing idea. 

A/B testing for mobile responsive designs 

Get off your m dot mobile site and switch to responsive. There is no reason for your organization to support 2 entities. For example, it’s the same content, do you have a passion for redundancy? If your organization is still leveraging m.yoursite.com to manage your mobile experience it’s time to speak up- remove the bloat. Advocate for change. Bring your company to 2015 standards. And save everyone time and money. Or don’t, who cares. 

A/B testing for mobile real estate 

Mobile screens are not small anymore. But for some reason, things still look small on cell phones. Start A/B testing elements that are essential to the visitors’ experience. For example, font size, form fields, buttons, headlines, and more. Get to the point where your own experience doesn’t require the end user to pinch zoom anything anymore. Oh wait, visitors don’t read they just skim, so this likely isn’t a good a/b testing idea.

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