Puffin.io Full Service

Puffin.io offers full service A/B testing for your website. Your first, full service, A/B test is free. No cost to you or your team. After the first A/B test is completed, we pause and review the process holistically with you. This allows us to understand your specific business requirements. Then we create a useful A/B testing cadence that quickly adds value to your essential business metrics. Speed is always the issue. And speed is what we specialize in. Below you will find how we remove all the friction points. This gets your A/B testing program up and running faster and more cost effective than anyone else. For more information contact us: feedback@puffin.io

OMG, I don’t have time to implement the Puffin.io snippets (tags).

The Puffin.io team creates an explicit implementation strategy for your A/B testing requirements. We then work directly with your engineers to ensure they instrument the Puffin.io tags correctly. Our implementation guide is a five minute read. If your engineers hate to read it’s ok, we will send them copy and paste instructions. 

I won’t have time to QA the data before launching an A/B test.  

All data is QA’ed by the Puffin.io team. We ensure data is reporting as expected and ready for A/B testing. 

But, I won’t have time to set up the A/B testing campaigns. 

The Puffin.io team creates all campaigns, ready for your review inside your Puffin.io account. 

I don’t have time to come up with meaningful A/B testing ideas.

All A/B testing ideas are created by the Puffin.io team. You get access to over 14 years of A/B testing experience.  

We can’t randomly A/B test and I won’t have time to create a strategy.

Each company is different. The Puffin.io team creates a specific A/B testing strategy tailored to your essential business metrics and requirements. We have worked with over 130 companies worldwide to ensure the right strategy is in place for your business.  

OMG, I don’t have designers to follow branding guidelines for A/B testing ideas. 

A/B testing ideas created and designed by Puffin.io will follow your brand guidelines.  

I don’t have a team to QA the A/B testing campaigns.

The Puffin.io team will QA all A/B tests before launching to production. Your team is provided a URL to review and we launch with your approval. 

OMG, I won’t have time to go through the data and understand the reports. 

For each A/B test the Puffin.io team reviews and monitors all data. This includes providing a summary from the outcome of the A/B test. 

I won’t have time to create presentations and share findings from our A/B tests. 

The Puffin.io team will create all presentations. The presentation will convey – The idea behind the A/B test, the recipes A/B tested, the duration of the A/B test, the location of the A/B test, the outcome of the A/B test and next steps proposed from the outcome. This will ultimately create a knowledge base for your company. And easy to communicate such findings up to leadership teams or cross-functional teams. 

Yeah, but what happens after the A/B test we must have follow-through. 

After the A/B test the Puffin.io team will create proposed next steps from the empirical data. This can be shared with your team to take action. 

We can’t have a bunch of random A/B test campaigns running, who will manage all the campaigns? 

The Puffin.io team managers all the A/B tests launched. This includes managing many A/B tests which are launched simultaneously. By default Puffin.io doesn’t allow visitors into more than one A/B test, for example, if a single visitor enters one A/B test, they are not allowed to enter another. Puffin.io always keeps your data hygienic and prevents false positives. 

I don’t have time to manage a roadmap of A/B tests.

Puffin.io creates the A/B testing roadmap. This provides a landscape view of all A/B testing ideas, A/B tests being prepared, launched and completed. 

With all the A/B tests, I won’t have time to prioritize which A/B tests get launched first.

From the A/B testing roadmap Puffin.io is able to prioritize each week which A/B tests are the priority. This ensures A/B tests with the most potential, to increase your essential business metrics, are deployed first. 

I don’t know if I will have a budget for Full Service support 

Puffin.io Full Service team is of no cost to you – for your first A/B test. After your first A/B test you will find Puffin.io full service is the most cost-effective A/B testing solution on planet earth. 

To learn more email us at feedback@puffin.io