A Simple A/B Testing Strategy

Welcome to Puffin.io – Simple, fast, affordable A/B testing software for your website. 

We like keeping things simple. A successful A/B testing strategy doesn’t required complicated changes. Learn how a simple strategy can speed up your growth team with meaningful results. 

This will be a helpful A/B testing guide for you and your friends at work.

  • A/B Testers novice/advanced looking to get a quick overview of essential and effective starting points for A/B testing wins.
  • CEOs and startup entrepreneurs seeking to gain key philosophical approach to creating a product end users love.
  • Engineers / Technical Co-Founders who are still writing code and want to quickly run A/B tests to increase essential business metrics.
  • Designers with an appetite to understand data, experimentation and metric driven design theory.
  • Growth PM who are in charge with optimization the entire end to end customer journey and want to refine their strategy. 

You can download the PPT file here.

You can download the PDF here.

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