Ecommerce A/B Testing Ideas Part 2

Below are three wonderful ideas to keep your visitors happy and converting. You might not be ready. It will require you to take a break from office politics, empire building, stabbing people in the back, and think about your visitors – for once. 

Ecommerce A/B Testing Overage Order Value 

Take giant risks when trying to increase AOV. Product pages, and checkout pages are all areas of opportunity for upsell and cross-sell.

  • Test location first. Here you want to know what area is best to help understand what is useful and what is a distraction for your visitors. 
  • Test items second. In this scenario, suggest items that are useful. If someone is buying boots — socks or boot polish is useful. A sweater, although part of the outfit isn’t explicitly useful. 
  • Measurement is key. Ensure you have the right reporting. Conversion rate, average order value and revenue per visitor will be essential to know the best performing recipe. For example, you might find an run an A/B test with an small decrease in conversion rate but a big increase in AOV and RPV. supports this type of reporting. 

Ecommerce A/B Testing Revenue Per Visitors 

Swing for the fence. Change your home page and see if it impacts revenue per visitor. Here are a few explicit ideas for the A/B test. 

  • Remove the giant hero image on your home page. I know you have one. And replace it with popular items sold. I know it’s tough for you to list items you sell on your home page, but do it. 
  • Brand experience takes a back seat. 
  • Your header should be replaced with most popular categories and supporting thumbnail images. 
  • Remove the email popup and just let people shop. 

Take a risk, change things up and A/B test this design idea. Its explicitly designed to give “brand” a back seat, and finally start offering value to your end users. Need help setting this up? is here to help you run any A/B test on your website. 

Ecommerce A/B Testing Images

Images matter. How much? Time to A/B test it. Focus on usefulness to the end users. It doesn’t take much thought.

  • For example, look at Thursday boots. Search reviews – 100% of those who consume the information ask 1 simple question. “How do the boots last”.
  • And that makes sense. Thursday boots promise quality and style. But how does one understand quality from a brand that started in 2014?
  • More importantly why do I have to leave their site to get a better understanding of their quality? See where I’m going with this?
  • Spend hours thinking how A/B testing images can change your business. Think images don’t matter? Have you heard of AirBnB?
  • Take a moment, think how images might be useful to your end users. We found with the right image we increase conversions by 30%. is A/B Testing Software for Websites. Looking for help setting up your next A/B test? Let us know.