Puffin.io vs Google Optimize

What is the difference between Puffin.io and Google Optimize? Below is a list on how Puffin.io and Google Optimize compare. Price, reports, simultaneous experiments, revenue per visitor, average order value, and support are the items compared. Take your own requirements into consideration when evaluating. This will ensure your decision is aligned with your goals. 

Price: How much does Puffin.io and Google Optimize cost?

  • Puffin.io and Google Optimize are both free – as a start. 
  • Paying for Google Optimize it will cost $150,000.00 annually. About $12,000 a month
  • Paying for Puffin.io it will cost $590 annually. About $49 a month.

Organizations are sensitive to exorbitant costs. Jumping from free to $150,000 annually, with Google Optimize, will present challenges to your finance team. Puffin.io makes it easy for organizations to scale. Puffin.io’s starting price is $49 a month – Higher tier plans at a marginal cost of $149 a month. The Finance team gets a good night rest.   

Real time reporting: How does Puffin.io and Google Optimize report A/B testing results?

  • Puffin.io provides real time reporting for A/B tests. 
  • Google Optimize does not provide real time reporting. 

Without real time results it’s impossible to QA your A/B tests before they launch. For example, when you QA an A/B test, you always want to see reports increment 1 for a visitor and 1 for a conversion. With Puffin.io you see those reports increment real time. With Google Optimize you must wait hours. Understanding if things are working and reporting as expected is essential. And Google Optimize doesn’t have real time reporting. This means it can take days to learn if your data is accurate. Puffin.io provides real time reporting. This means you can QA your A/B test in seconds. Move forward with confidence and increase your velocity to A/B test. Google Optimize cannot do this. Puffin.io can. 

  • Puffin.io provides funnel reports. 
  • Google Optimize does not support funnel reports 

A lot can happen between a visitor entering your A/B test and ultimately converting. Puffin.io supports unlimited steps when creating your funnel reports. This will help you understand what recipes push more visitors down funnel and which recipes increase conversions. This type of reporting will help you become experts in your own end users. Google Optimize does not support funnel reports within A/B tests. Puffin.io does. 

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