Introduced to A/B testing over 14 years ago, we are a passionate team who loves conversion rate optimization. Website redesigns, landing page optimization, funnel optimization, button colors, calls to action, multivariate experiments, personalization, behavioral targeting, we have done it all and more.

We traveled the world and worked with over 125 companies worldwide. Launching, maintaining, advising, strategizing, and theorizing A/B testing for the biggest website retailers, banks, software, gaming companies you know.  

We have refined our approach to A/B testing. From our experience, we believe the speed of iteration wins. The speed of launching an A/B is essential – not the size, idea, or complexity.

Our philosophy – speed wins. Simple works. And simple experiments yield big gains. And the speed of iteration is the key to your success. This is why we created Puffin.io – Simple, fast, affordable A/B testing software.

Yours Truly,
The Puffin.io Team

P.S. Why Puffin? It was that or ABtestingly. We went with the bird instead