About Puffin.io

Puffin.io is inspired by making an A/B testing tool fast, simple, affordable and self-service. Talk to a sales rep first? That isn’t fast. We are inspired by making software affordable. A budget request isn’t inspiring. We like to challenge ourselves by making things simple. Attending training to launch an A/B test, isn’t simple. We get excited by less. Not more. And we know, you might be looking for a swiss-army knife. But we are far from that, we are a samurai sword.

Uninspired by millions of options. Heavy, bloated, convoluted software that requires hours of training and an outrageous budget. No. We took the opposite direction.
Our idea. Create pure utility, sharpened to a single focus. Simple, fast, affordable A/B testing software for your website. So fast you can launch an A/B test today.