Button A/B Testing

Puffin.io is made for simple A/B tests. After years of running A/B tests we found small, low level of effort, experimentation yields big gains. It doesn’t get more simple than A/B testing a button.

You get excited by button colors, sizes, and location. It drives you nuts when your primary CTA is below the fold. You know a simple call to action A/B test will increase conversions by 25%.

You have a passion for click through rates. Each day you review funnel reports. You know every little increase in clicks is another step to compounding gains. You want to launch a button A/B test today.

We built Puffin.io specifically for A/B testing buttons. Each campaign is specialized to be designed to measure click through rate, measure your funnel and ultimate conversion.

Puffin.io is reasonably priced, self-service A/B testing software. Free for 30 days. No budget request is required.  Full refund if you are not happy with your experience.

Puffin.io is only a few lines of code. No training required. No bloat is our philosophy. Essential, product utility. Launch unlimited A/B tests with Puffin.io. It’s so fast – you can launch an A/B test today.