A/B Testing for More Leads

Increasing leads is a tricky endeavor. Often an oversimplified task “and they just fill out the form”. Getting more leads requires an intimate understanding of many elements that compels one to fill out your form – you should be flattered. A few tips below to execute and get more leads. 

A/B testing leads hot and cold 

If you ask a visitor to do anything. There has to be an incentive. The incentive should be greater than the effort of completing the form. The longer the form, the greater the incentive should be. Incentives can be shown in many ways, for example, reiterating what your product is can reassure the visitors they have arrived at the right place. Value propositions are a great way to drive incentive. Remember it’s not about you. 

A/B testing cool modern designs

Modern design practices are wonderful expressions of composition. Typically the worst performing, modern, (material) designs – just awful – have a strong focus on composition, balance and little to do with value, contrast, direction, and focus. For example, Material design is unarguably beautifully composed. Ample white space, low contrasting gray fonts, and ghost text in form fields. A beautiful mystery for your visitors to solve. 

A/B testing intent  

Hard sell, soft sell, tire kickers, a raised hand. However you want to, confuse new employees to express high, medium and low intent – a lead form and your site experience should be presented to match each degree of intent. Low intent is often solved by creating gated content. High intent is often A/B tested via landing pages. Keep all these items in mind when looking to create more leads. Or ignore all of this and just pretend everyone is the same.

A/B testing how many lead forms 

Always start with the business requirements. Your Sales team will have an opinion. Ask them what form fields are essential and you will gain a better understanding of what can be omitted. Then remove what isn’t essential. Another idea, for example, are form requirements that are often asking the end user for inputs. Remove the need for the end user to type and replace form fields with drop down selections. This makes it easy for the end user to execute but also increases the quality of the leads by preventing typos. This selector might not be a deal breaker for sales, but by A/B testing this new form type could increase conversions significantly. 

A/B testing CTAs

Call to action and button A/B testing is essential to increasing leads. You will see the growth world scoff at A/B testing buttons. I’m not sure why, there is no other way to convert – other than clicking a button. Button A/B testing is consistently effective. For example, A/B test all the simple things first. Keep your buttons and form elements above the fold. If your product is free, your CTA should say free. Set expectations within your CTA, for example, what is the outcome for the visitor if they complete the form. What happens next? Subtle elements of this nature are always worth A/B testing because these small items will increase conversion significantly.  

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