A/B Testing Value Propositions

A/B testing value propositions is powerful. Below we listed five reasons why this is a great way to increase conversion rates. 


Value proposition should be high on the page. It should be one of the first things your visitors read.

  • For example, the headline is an H1 tag, value propositions should be your H2 or H3 tag. By A/B testing value propositions high on your landing pages, visitors quickly can understand what aspects of your product or service is driving engagements.
  • If the value of your product or service is buried within your features or how it works, visitors won’t quickly understand why they should stay.  


Value propositions should be unique. More importantly value propositions should convey why your product / service is useful.

  • For example, you can say your product is faster, but clarify the pain. Was it slow before? What outcome is provided from this speed?
  • Does the speed cure a slower mundane process? Specific value propositions are key, and your audience knows your product is for them.  


With a mature product don’t be coy. List all unique value propositions. Your customers will have their requirements before they purchase. Challenge your creative writing skills and be exhaustive.

  • For example, list all the unique values your product offers.
  • You might think it’s too much, but visitors reading value propositions that go above and beyond their expectations quickly reduce their anxiety to convert. 


Match value proposition language from digital ads to landing page. If your ads focus on price your landing page should too.

  • For example, when end users are incentivized by a digital ad reassurance on the landing page is essential.
  • This tight form of relevance will increase your quality score (Google Ads) but also enable you to A/B test to a much higher conversion rate. 

What the user gets

Value propositions are often curated by statements. But statements won’t resonate with visitors who have arrived with uncertainty.

  • For example, try removing statements and convey value propositions with full sentences that start with “You get”.
  • That is,  “You get faster software”. “You get lighter running shoes”, “You get same day delivery”. The explicit clarity is the first steps in removing doubt from your visitors’ experience. 

Value propositions are powerful and important. They are the soul reason why someone is giving you their money. And by A/B testing value propositions with these 5 tips in mind you can expect to see amazing outcomes from your A/B tests.

Puffin.io is A/B Testing Software for Websites. Looking for help setting up your next A/B test? Let us know.