Puffin.io vs Optimizely

What is the difference between Puffin.io and Optimizely? Below is a list on how Puffin.io and Optimizely compare. Price, access, easy setup are the items compared. Take your own requirements into consideration when evaluating. This will ensure your decision is aligned with your goals. 

Price: How much does Puffin.io and Optimizely cost?

  • Puffin.io offers a free account and pricing starts at $49 a month, $590 a year. 
  • Optimizely does not offer a free account. Annual pricing is $30,000 – $50,000 annually. 

Companies are conscious of exorbitant costs. Jumping to a giant sticker price of $30,000 annually requires rather specific requirements and makes it difficult to kick the tires on website A/B testing. Puffin.io as an alternative, provides free accounts, with a price tag of $49 a month. This allows anyone to quickly try A/B testing and not have to worry about budget constraints.    

Getting started: How does Puffin.io and Optimizely help you get started?

  • Puffin.io allows you to run an A/B test today. No credit card required. You don’t need to talk to sales.  
  • Optimizely won’t let you run an A/B test today. You must talk to a sales agent first. 

Speed is the issue. With Puffin.io you can run an A/B test on your website today. With Optimizely you will need specific business requirements to continue down the journey of getting budget from Finance. And later fighting the procurement battle before any A/B testing is done. With Optimizely, you cannot launch an A/B test today. With Puffin.io you can launch an A/B test today.  

A/B test setup: How easy is it to launch an A/B test?

  • Puffin.io requires about 5mins of reading and provides a 2 minute video on how to setup an A/B test. Puffin.io has removed all the fat from their product. There is zero bloat and makes launching an A/B test rather simple
  • Optimizely provides a variety of options when it comes to launching an A/B test. So much so, they offer Optimizely certifications. If you need this many features, it will take extra time for your team to be trained and one can expect a learning curve. 

Puffin.io doesn’t require a PhD to launch an A/B test. Simply implement the code snippet, create your campaign and launch your A/B test. Optimizely does work in the same way, but you are paying for many other features – this does create a level of complicity that can leave most confused. Double check your requirements to ensure those features are required. Our estimate –  you won’t miss those features, and there is no reason to over complicate the elegant simplicity of A/B testing. Nor should it be this expensive. 

Puffin.io is A/B Testing Software for Websites. Looking for help setting up your next A/B test? Let us know.