A/B testing for websites. Simple and fast.

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If you are the type of person who loves speed and getting more done with less clicks, ‘boy do we have the product for you’.

We believe in keeping things simple. We believe speed wins. This means creating a product that is agile. ‘A product that has less – not more’. If you get excited by the value of speed, agility, and execution, you will love Puffin.io.

Puffin.io is simple, fast, affordable A/B testing software for websites. Specifically designed for fast executing teams. Teams thriving on small changes, constantly surfacing new insights and increasing essential business metrics.

We made A/B testing fast. 

No more bloated features. Only the essentials. Just a few clicks and your A/B test can be launched today.

We made A/B testing simple. 

No more three-hour trainings. No more nervous clicks with a convoluted navigation. Puffin.io doesn’t require training.

We made A/B testing cost-effective

No more budget requests to run an A/B test – you can hire an extra engineer from the money we save you. No credit card required. You can try Puffin.io for FREE. 

Integrating Puffin.io is two-lines of code. You can integrate and launch an A/B test today. 

Puffin.io is perfect for any type of website A/B testing.

You can A/B test your landing pages, lead forms, shopping cart funnel, onboarding funnel, buttons, headlines, hero images and more. You can run simple A/B tests or even redesign your entire home page. 

We have traveled the world, worked with over 125 companies worldwide, and launched thousands of A/B tests. We found, quick, iterative A/B tests yield the biggest gains – And Puffin.io is designed for that. If speed wins, Puffin.io is here to make you and your team winners.