A/B Testing Software Part 3

A/B testing software isn’t easy to shop for. Below we address things to consider as you search for the right website testing tools for you. As a reminder, conversion rate optimization should start with requirements first. By working backwards from your requirements the right A/B testing tool will address your goals. This will position your A/B testing program for success. Below are a few things to consider when it comes to A/B split testing – as it relates to revenue reports, campaign setup, and campaign conflict. 

A/B testing software is a challenge to shop for. Below we address thing to consider as you shop for the tool to invest in. 

Revenue reporting for A/B testing software

Reporting for A/B testing is essential to your requirements. But not all A/B testing tools have great reporting. Some A/B testing tools cannot report on revenue: Revenue per visitor (RPV), average order value (AOV), or even funnel reports.

  • Puffin.io can report on revenue per visitor, average order value and funnel reports. This is especially important for the world of Ecommerce.
  • Puffin.io specializes in reporting for Ecommerce companies. For example, more conversions doesn’t always equate to success – for Ecommerce – More conversions, needs to be cross checked by reporting on revenue per visitor and average order value.
  • What this means, conversions can go up, but it cannot go up at the cost of hurting RPV or AOV. Without this cross reference reporting, you introduce risk and can hurt the company’s performance (revenue). With Puffin.io you can understand if conversions increase by 6% and confirm revenue per visitor increased by 15%. 

Campaign heuristic for A/B testing software  

A/B testing on websites is simple. And A/B testing is based on the end user customer journey. Nothing else. A visitor is qualified to enter your A/B test. They travel through various steps. And convert. When it’s time to design an A/B test, A/B testing tools don’t design within this heuristic. For example, what good is a wysiwyg editor if your brain can’t design your A/B test based on the customer journey?

  • Puffin.io is A/B testing software for websites. We designed our campaign editor based on a heuristic that matches the customer journey. After all, this is what we are optimizing.
  • The Puffin.io campaign editor starts with building the entry point, the a/b tested content, the funnel steps and then ultimate conversion.
  • A simple way for your brain to contextualize the experimentation design. Other A/B testing tools don’t function this way Puffin.io does. 

Campaign conflict for A/B testing software

If you launched one A/B test before. There will be a time you launch two: simultaneously. And when this happens, you want visitors to enter one A/B test but never both. For example, if a user enters A/B Test 1, we would not want them to enter A/B Test 2. If visitors entered both A/B tests it creates confusion, that is, how do you understand the attributing factor to the increase or decrease in conversion?

  • Puffin.io solves this by default (and other A/B testing tools do not).
  • When you launch two A/B tests simultaneously Puffin.io automatically lets visitors enter one A/B test but never two.
  • With this behavior, Puffin.io ensures your data is clear and prevents false positives in your A/B testing results. 

If revenue reporting, campaign conflict and having an easy to use campaign editor are part of your website testing requirements Puffin.io will meet your requirements. Want to learn more about about Puffin.io conversion testing solution click here.

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