Growth Teams

Growth teams thrive on execution. Constantly surfacing new insights. And was designed specifically for growth teams, designed to be fast, designed for speed. We want to increase your speed of iteration. 

You own growth or are part of a growth team. You love measurement and are excited about A/B testing all of your essential business metrics. You want to increase leads, reduce funnel drop off, improve onboarding, increase activation, increase installs, improve your purchase funnel, and more.

You require a fast executing A/B testing tool. You are not impressed by convoluted bloated software. You have an A/B testing idea, and you want to launch it today (and you can with You want an A/B testing tool that makes you fast, not slow. No training, just more A/B tests launched. is nimble. And created for you to A/B test your entire website funnel. Zero bloat software, aim to enable you to run A/B tests quickly. is reasonably priced, self-service A/B testing software and free for 30 days. No budget request is required.  Full refund if you are not happy with your experience. is only a few lines of code. No training required. We keep things simple, easy, and fast. Essential, product utility. Launch unlimited A/B tests with You can launch an A/B test today. It’s that fast.